What to do when you need help.

Get help! If you are in immediate danger, call 911!

If you are not in immediate physical danger, but are in a threatening or abusive environment and would like to talk to someone right away, call us anytime, day or night at 925.449.5842, or 800.884.8119.

Each year, Tri-Valley Haven receives between 3,000 and 3,500 crisis calls — that’s almost 10 calls every day, from women in need. These cries for help are handled compassionately and knowledgeably by our trained staff and volunteers, who provide not merely intervention, but also referrals to our domestic violence program and shelters, as well as to other services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

These other services – including our Rape Crisis Center, legal clinic/restraining order service, homeless services, food pantry, and counseling services – are programs within Tri-Valley Haven’s larger circle of care, enabling clients to do more than merely heal from physical and mental abuse, but to grow healthy again and move forward positively, in both body and soul.




































































































The Rape Crisis Center:
Intervention. Healing. Empowerment.

Rape Crisis Center Rape is among the most violent of crimes, because it is not really about sex, but about power. And the devastating impact of that power can affect the victim for many years if she or he does not receive the emotional support or practical assistance needed to overcome this trauma.

Compounding this is the fact that rape and sexual assault are typically the least-reported of all crimes — because of fear, shame, and guilt. Often, survivors fear they won't be believed.

But victims must be heard — and believed. Rapists will be stopped. And survivors can be healed. All of which are the goals of the Haven's Rape Crisis Center.

Tri-Valley Haven's Rape Crisis Center is the only one of its kind in the Tri-Valley Area. Begun in 1981, the Center — through a group of trained volunteer advocates and staff members — addresses the emotional and practical needs of sexual assault victims, helping survivors through the emotional, medical, and legal processes following an assault.

In assisting with crisis intervention, in-person and follow-up counseling, and advocacy and referral services, the Center's advocates keep survivor information completely confidential. While interviews with police or hospital staff are part of necessary evidentiary procedures, survivor conversations with Tri-Valley Haven advocates are protected by law and cannot be brought up in court. The term "advocate" is appropriate: we are there for the survivor.


















Domestic Violence Services:
A haven for the most vulnerable.

End Domestic Violence
With 30 beds, Tri-Valley Haven's Shiloh Domestic Violence Shelter houses and supports women and their children who are victims of domestic violence. Situated in a safe and confidential location, the house provides emergency food, clothing, and personal items.

At Shiloh, in-house groups meet weekly to provide support and education about shelter living, parenting skills, life-skills training (budgeting and finances, nutrition, and health issues), family communication, and general domestic violence and addiction issues. Each resident is assigned a counselor who works with her individually during counseling sessions, and a case manager to assist her in meeting housing, legal, vocational, and financial needs.

The children of Shiloh's residents are looked after and cared for as well, as domestic violence has a different, but equally traumatic, impact on them. Working with the children and the family's case manager, a professional counselor conducts an initial assessment of each child's physical and emotional needs and then works with the mother and other staff to see that these needs are met.

Additionally, counselors teach weekly parenting classes and work with the mothers individually to help them improve their skills as parents. The Haven provides support, information, and referrals so mothers can realize their new role as single parents raising children in stable, peaceful homes.


















Homeless Services:
Shelter from the storm.

Homeless Services
Sojourner House
The Haven's 16-bed Sojourner House provides temporary shelter for homeless families in a safe, supportive environment. With separate bedrooms for family units, a stocked kitchen, three full baths, and laundry facilities, Sojourner House is the only homeless shelter in the Tri-Valley Area that accepts two-parent families, single fathers with children, and families with teenage boys. The shelter's on-site staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Residents agree to assume responsibility for achieving the goal of self-sufficiency, and can stay at Sojourner House for up to six months (with a weekly renewable contract). They receive case management services from the shelter's staff through a continuum of care that includes counseling, childcare services, and life skills development, such as budgeting, smoking cessation, résumé writing, interview skills, nutrition and anger management.

Clients also receive assistance in securing both affordable, stable housing and a means to support themselves. Sojourner House also offers parenting classes and community transition and homelessness prevention programs.


















Repairing battered lives.

Counseling Tri-Valley Haven offers a variety of counseling and support group services in the belief that while healing is the necessary first step in re-building broken lives, more help must be made available to empower people to regain their sense of self, their sense of pride, and their sense of accomplishment.

All of the Haven's programs — including our Restraining Order Clinic — take place at the Community Building.
Individual Counseling
When privacy is required or desired, we offer one-on-one therapy sessions for both adults and children, to address all domestic violence or sexual assault-related issues. Counseling sessions are initially free, and then available on a sliding scale. To schedule your first appointment, please call (925) 449-5845.
Sexual Assault Support Group
Tri-Valley Haven offers a Sexual Assault Support Group for survivors of sexual assault on Monday mornings in Livermore. This is a closed support group, meaning participants must sign up in advance. This group runs 8 weeks at a time. No drop-ins please.

Domestic Violence Support Group
Tri-Valley Haven offers a Domestic Violence Support Group for survivors of domestic violence on Tuesdays mornings in Livermore. This is a closed group, meaning participants must sign up in advance. This group runs 8 weeks at a time. No drop-ins please.

For counseling services or support groups, please call Tri-Valley Haven Community Building at (925) 449-5845.


















The Food Pantry & Parents Creating Change:
Fulfilling the most basic of needs.

Food Pantry Each month, the Tri-Valley Haven Food Pantry distributes free groceries to more than 4,000 low-income Tri-Valley residents. These individuals represent over 500 families who are experiencing hunger.

As part of the Alameda County Community Food Bank, the pantry is authorized to distribute USDA and county emergency food. We also rely on local grocery stores, community donation drives, and individual donors to meet the needs of our clients.

In late 2002, we expanded our service area by setting up mobile service to locations near select seniors' residences in Pleasanton.

The Haven's permanent Food Pantry — located at the Mar Thoma Church, at 418 Junction Avenue in Livermore — serves as a gateway to our suite of homeless services. Food Pantry Hours are Monday - Wednesday 1PM - 5PM, Thursdays from 1 PM - 7 PM, and Fridays from 12 PM - 4 PM. Call the Haven's Food Pantry for more information at (925) 449-1664.

Parents Creating Change (PPC)
Parents Creating Change (PCC) allows parents with children under five to discuss parenting issues and obtain information and/or referrals as needed in one-on-one sessions, offered through the Every Child Counts grant (funded by First 5 Alameda County). For more information, contact our Community Building at (925) 449-5845.


















Restraining Order Clinic

Restraining Order Clinic
Tri-Valley Haven staff and volunteers will assist clients in preparing the paperwork to apply for a temporary restraining order, and explain how to file the order with the court and have the restrained person served after the order is approved by a judge. They provide information about the court process and can accompany clients to court to provide support, however they are not lawyers.

All services are free of charge. Drop-in, no appointment necessary.

Tuesday, 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM, Tri-Valley Haven Pleasanton Satellite Office,
Please call for (925) 449-5847 ext. 2606 for location!
Thursday, 2:00 PM — 4:00 PM, Tri-Valley Haven Community Building
3663 Pacific Avenue, Livermore
Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the Month, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM Dublin Public Library,
200 Civic Plaza, Dublin, CA 94568

For more information on the Restraining Order Clinic, call our Legal Services Advocates at (925) 449-5847 x2606.

















Art For Healing:
Expressing what we carry in our hearts.

Art For Healing Groups

Art can be an incredible way of healing from trauma in a safe, therapeutic way. We offer Art For Healing Groups for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Because the participants express themselves through images rather than words, it is very effective for participants who speak little or no English.

The program is based on the curriculum developed by A Window Between Worlds in southern California.
Art For Healing at the Haven
We offer a weekly Art For Healing Group in our Domestic Violence Shelter. Survivors are encouraged to express their feelings through visual arts. This group is one of the most popular we have ever offered. The exercises are fun, yet introspective and don't require previous experience or art skills.

We also incorporate Art For Healing workshops into our Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Support Groups for survivors in the community. To sign up for one of our support groups, please take a moment to visit our Counseling Services & Support Groups page.

Art For Healing & Writing For Healing in Santa Rita Jail
Along with groups for survivors in the community, we also offer weekly Art For Healing and Writing & Meditation For Healing Groups for incarcerated survivors at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin. We collaborate with Santa Rita Jail under PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) to provide crisis counseling and advocacy to incarcerated survivors of sexual assault. Currently we are only facilitating groups for women in mininum security, however we hope to expand the program.

Thank you to Intero Foundation!
Thank you to Intero Foundation for a $5,000 grant to expand our Art for Healing program! Intero Foundation's focus is on children, so the grant will be used to expand our program to include groups for mothers and children together, making art projects designed for children. In this way, families will gain an important tool for self-expression as well as a fun and inexpensive activity that they can enjoy long after they leave our shelter.